Mr Ibu’s wife lied, I’m in charge of my father’s account not adopted daughter – Son

Daniel Okafor, son of actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has debunked claims by the actor’s wife Stella Maris that his adopted daughter hijacked his bank account.

Stella in an Instagram post on Sunday alleged that Jasmine hijacked the bank account where money was donated for the ailing actor by well-meaning Nigerians.

“I do not have access to the main Access bank account where people make donations. It is being secretly controlled by Jazmine yet she is cooking up all kinds of lies and propaganda against me to keep absolute control of that account. How she manipulated her way and took control of that account is a story for another day,” she wrote in parts.

According to PUNCH a correspondent contacted Jasmine to hear her own side of the story but stated that she had no comment

“I do not want to be involved with the online drama, at least not yet. I am more concerned for daddy’s well-being,” she said.

She, however, suggested that the correspondent speak with Mr Ibu’s son who introduced himself as Daniel Okafor.

“My name is Daniel Okafor; I am John Okafor’s second son.

“There is no truth in what Stella Maris has been sharing online. Jasmine does not have access to that account; I have access to it. I am the signatory to the account and my father’s next of kin.”

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Daniel also disclosed that Stella Maris is his stepmother, refusing to share more details about his mother.

“She is my stepmother. My mother is not around at the moment,” Daniel said.