Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter has highjacked money donated for surgery – Wife

Mr Ibu wife Stella Maris Okafor

Stella Maris Okafor, wife of actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has accused the actor’s adopted daughter Jazmine of taking control of the funds donated for the actor’s surgery.

Stella made the accusation in an Instagram post on Sunday while reacting to a rumour about her demanding money to buy a car with funds donated for Ibu’s upkeep.

According to her, the rumour was spread by Jazmine who recorded her conversation with her brother where she talked about wanting a car to run family errands.

Addressing the matter, Stella claimed she does not have access to Mr Ibu’s main account because it is secretly being controlled by the actor’s adopted daughter.

She wrote: “Recently, there have been some malicious lies being peddled against me on social media as masterminded by Jazmine Chioma Okeke who wants to make me an outsider in my own home but God forbid. I will address Jazmine’s excessive interference in my family affairs and other related matters when the time is right. For now, my husband’s health is most important to me

“The N1m donation they talked about was paid into my account on my husband’s instruction (and in his presence) to offset some bills at the home front. I don’t understand why Jazmine, a complete stranger should be dragging me over my family matter.

“I do not have access to the main Access bank account where people make donations. It is being secretly controlled by Jazmine yet she is cooking up all kinds of lies and propaganda against me in order to keep absolute control of that account. How she manipulated her way and took control of that account is story for another day.”

Speaking on the car issue, the woman continued: “There was never a time asked anybody to buy a car for me. It was only mentioned in a private discussion between Jazmine and my brother, and she recorded it as a tool for blackmail. It was an innocent suggestion to help me cope with the suffering I was going through with public transport while trying to coordinate my hospital schedule with the home challenges. This my brother has been living with us since 2013 long before people like Jazmine even knew my husband.

Mr Ibu’s leg amputated

Rita Edochie visits Mr Ibu in hospital

“He has been my strongest support and encouragement in these trying times as he willingly helps me with some of the challenges that cannot cope with. Yet, an imposter who knows nothing.

“Jasmine said took her name to 4/5 native doctor. This is very funny. Please, I don’t do native doctors or any form of fetish. Never. Because serve a living God in whom trust always. The person that called Jazmine is actually my husband’s cousin in the village who has also been calling me to know the state of health of his cousin. That is the man Jazmine and her cohorts tagged a witch doctor. May God forgive them. Maybe Jazmine is indirectly telling us the kind of things she does to be able to manipulate people for her own selfish ends.”

Jazmine has, however, remained silent on the matter as at the time of filing this report.