Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter Jasmine reacts to rumour of rearrest by police

Mr Ibu and adopted daughter Jasmine

Jasmine Okafor, adopted daughter of actor Mr Ibu, has reacted to a rumour about her getting rearrested by the police.

A blogger had alleged that Jasmine and Ibu’s son were locked up and charged to court for refusing to hand over the actor’s assets and social media accounts.

Actor Benson Okonkwo also claimed he confirmed the rumour from a woman he called Stella.

Reacting in an Instagram post on Thursday, Jasmine highlighted Benson’s comment saying, “Thank God you have stated your source cause when I respond to all these they will say Jasmine is a manipulator yehn yehn yehn! But low key they are the ones using my name to attract sympathy. Since ya’ll wanna talk, let’s talk.”

In another post, she wrote: “They have been triggering this whole time! All the people I respect have been saying Jasmine silence is golden! But this silence is not working for me no more ! Let’s address everything online once And for all! Nobody should blame me for speaking up for myself.”

Jasmine faced criticism on social media Mr Ibu’s wife Stella Maris alleged that she denied her access to the actor’s account and secretly married and planned to elope with Ibu’s son.

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She was subsequently invited by the police over Mr Ibu’s account which led to her taking a break from Instagram as the family saga spiralled.

She returned to Instagram on January 10.