Ministers, commissioners, National Assembly should be scrapped — Okotie

Chris Okotie

Founder of Household of God Church Rev Chris Okotie says ministers, commissioners, National Assembly and state assemblies should be scrapped if the country must make progress.

“We must get rid of the National and State Assemblies because maintaining each member cost the country billions of naira,” Okotie said on Sunday at his church in Oregun, Ikeja.

“Some of the standing committees at both assemblies are not useful to the country, they are only representing themselves, not the populace.”

Okotie claimed that Nigeria operates “government of the party, by the party and for the party.”

He added, “Ministers and the commissioners should also be expunged because Nigeria’s democracy has been hijacked by the elite for their interest and they are deceiving the downtrodden who don’t know anything. And the most important of all is our constitution. It should be changed to a people-oriented constitution, not the military one we have now. After the change, we can then restructure the country for the better.”

On his plans for the country after becoming the interim president, Okotie said, “If I am made the interim president, our government will be a transparent one and we will redirect the steps of the youth who are into internet fraudsters and turned them to better persons in the society and empower them.”

According to the former presidential candidate, his “government will be that of National Reconciliation and Reconstruction. The interim government shall address aberrations and anomalies in the polity.”