Mercy Johnson gets emotional over tribute to Rachel oniga

Rachel Oniga

Some of cast of the Kunle Afolayan’s Netflix film A Naija Christmas has paid tribute to Rachel Oniga who acted in the film before she died on July 30.

Mercy Johnson, Kunle Remi, Abayomi Alvin, Linda Osifo and Efa Iwara paid tribute to the actress in a video Kunle Afolayan posted on Instagram on Wednesday.

“One fun thing about mama, I call her mama Rachel oniga I think that will be the fact that she is also a very fun person. She oozes out good vibes, good energy. I mean for somebody of her age I mean mama would play with you. She would play with you,” Abayomi wrote.

“She is absolutely caring and I use the word care because that also leads to the world mother,” Linda wrote.

Getting emotional, Mercy Johnson said.

“She is a mum in every way. Few days before she died, I came in late and I went to her and apologise to her because I was late. And she insisted and said being a mom is tough and coming in early and still making it at this time it’s fine. It’s okay because she like gets it.”

“She was really fun, she is very youthful. She loved to play with us and try to lock in on trends. She is just a sweet mother figure,” Efa said.

Rachel Oniga was on the set of the production when she took ill from what was reported to be complications related to Covid.

She died from her illness and production was temporarily suspended in her honour.

The movie follows three sons on their quest to make their mother’s Christmas wish for daughters-in-law come true.

Oniga is the mother who, unimpressed by her sons’ refusal to get married and give her grandchildren, demands that they bring home their partners on Christmas Day.

According to Afolayan, “A Naija Christmas is real, original, funny and the first Christmas movie of its kind. Working with the late, great Rachel Oniga was massive honour and her heartwarming performance is typical of her flawless artistry.”