Men propositioned me as prostitute on movie set –Ijeoma Grace Agu

Nollywood actress, Ijeoma Grace Agu, is best known for her role in the movies Misfit and Taxi Driver. In a chat with Bisola Bello, the Biochemistry graduate of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University talks about acting the role of prostitute, Greg Odutayo’s Beyond Blood and having a husband who understands

You acted as a prostitute in Misfit, Taxi Driver and Beyond Blood; do you think that character is becoming a trend you are known for?

In Beyond Blood you cannot really say she is a prostitute, the same thing in Misfit. The character is just the kind of girl people play up to be everyman’s plaything. In Beyond Blood I actually stood on the street. But then again, I am a working actor, when I see a script I like, I do it. Unfortunately I have not gotten to that level where I can sit down and say no I don’t want to work in this movie.

Are you saying when you become huge in the industry you will select what movie roles suit you?

Yes! Of course it will get to a point where I begin to choose what roles I want to play and what movies I really see myself in.

What were the challenges you faced acting as a prostitute in Beyond Blood?

Well, there were not any major challenges in the movie, honestly, apart from standing on the street and getting propositioned like a prostitute. When we were filming, I had real men solicit me because they thought I was one of the girls. They did not see the camera in the bush because the camera people were at the other side of the road while I and my fellow hookers lined up on one side.

Do you think you are on the right path to becoming who you want to be as an actor?

I have not scratched the surface yet but I am on that path, which is using the talent God has given me to do something. Because it is what I know how to do, it is what I am good at. Have I gotten to where I want to be? No. But am I on that path? Yes.

How did acting start for you?

I come from a very artistic family, very expressive. We were allowed to express ourselves. For me it started at a very young age, watching films and trying to re-enact what I watched. Eventually, getting to do this has been a long time coming. I mean I used to write scripts from way back.

So, you always knew you wanted to be an actress

Yes, I always knew. Although at a point I thought I wanted to do more of behind the scenes but I found out I also enjoyed being in front of the camera; seeing myself become someone else. I get to play a young woman, an old woman, anything the scripts require me to, and it is such a thrill.

How do you manage being a mum and an actress?

It is something you will never know until you get there. And now that I am there it is challenging balancing motherhood and acting but I am blessed with the best husband that actually supports my profession.

Your husband is a director, does he mind the fact that you take on roles as a prostitute?

I think because he is a director he understands it more. He directed Misfit and Taxi Driver, so he knows the industry and I am thankful for him every day.