Maryam Booth is biggest Kannywood actress – Uzee Usman

Uzee Usman

Actor Uzee Usman has declared Kannywood actress Maryam Booth as the biggest actress in the northern part of Nigeria.

The A Tribe Called Judah actor said this in a recent video shared via Instagram where also called Maryam the most beautiful girl in the entire northern Nigerian.

Showing off his excitement after meeting Maryam Booth, Uzee said, “Baby, Maryam, the most beautiful in the entire northern Nigeria, Allahwa Kumar was, let’s go for lunch baby.”

“My baby, Allah wa kumar,” Maryam who was all smiles responded.

Captioning the video, Uzee wrote: “I’m with my beautiful bestie, the biggest northern actress. Love you mama.”

The Kano-born actress best known for her role in The Milkmaid represented Nigeria for the best international feature category at the Academy Awards.

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She also won the best supporting actress category for her role as Zainab in The Milkmaid at the 2020 edition of the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).

Maryam also starred alongside another Kannyood star Rahama Sadau in the controversial family drama Two Aishas which was released on April 24.

Booth was involved in a legal battle with her former lover Deezell for allegedly leaking a nude video of her in February 2020.

The 30-year-old announced she had filed the suit on March 1, saying the incident has negatively affected her career and reputation.

Deezell, 35, had also filed a suit against her and five others for the allegation which he claimed defamed his character.