El-Rufai’s son’s pre-wedding photo sparks controversy

Bashir El-Rufai and wife

Pictures posted on Twitter by Bashir El-Rufai son of Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai have become subjects of controversy over the way Mr El-Rufai held his fiancée Halima Nwakaego Kazaure.

Mr El-Rufai shared the photos on Tuesday.

In one of the pictures, he appeared to have placed his left hand on the backside of his wife-to-be, while the second showed him kissing her on the chick.

Some conservative Muslims on Twitter accused them of being intimate before marriage.

The development comes weeks after Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau was accused of stirring controversy and blasphemy after she shared photos on social media wherein she wore a backless dress.

In reaction, El-Rufai tweeted on Wednesday, saying: “If my pictures with my wife does not sit well with some & due to the various unsolicited opinions, I’d just like to use this opportunity to say that they are very stupid & if there’s any other way these pictures can make them feel worse than they already do, please let me know.”

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