Mary Lazarus laments money spent on mum’s burial

Mary Lazarus

Nollywood actress Mary Lazarus has cried out over the cost of burying people in Igbo culture.

The actress who recently buried her mum recounted the ordeal in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

According to Mary, Igbo funerals are the most stressful due to their extravagant demands. Narrating her ordeal, she said they were asked to repeat the service of songs in the village which had already been held in Lagos as well as other programs.

The 32-year-old also revealed that visitors were served in groups according to the organisation they belong to saying that some of them demanded food that was not on the menu.

“Planning an Igbo burial is the most stressful thing ever. People that were never part of your life demanding for things they can’t afford, looking for ways to milk you dry. Imagine after doing mumsy’s Service of Songs in Lagos, they told us we must repeat it in the village.

“In this order….. Service of Songs, Wake Keep, Burial day, Thanksgiving and people must chop one each of these four days o… on the burial day, A woman came in saying ‘Oh you must serve Reverend food before corpse get to the church’. she started mentioning … Eba separate, rice, chicken, meat, drinks, pepper soup, even Nkwobi. How did you know we cooked all these?” she wrote in parts.