Marriage has taught me how to love in a different way – Cobhams Asuquo

Cobhams Asuquo

Inspirational producer, songwriter and musician, Cobhams Asuquo, and’s BISOLA BELLO met at a recent event in Lagos, and the 34-year-old legend spoke about his meeting with rock legend, Bono, and what it feels like being married.

You were recently with international rock star, Bono, what was the experience like?

That’s the kind of experience that changes your life forever. Bono is an icon. To be in the studio with him, it was almost hard to concentrate and work. It was almost difficult to enjoy the moment. You know you are with him and you think the next moment he’s just going to disappear and leave. It was just fantastic. He is down to earth, he is relatable and he is approachable. That’s an experience I’m going to remember for a long time.

Which other international artiste will you like to work with?

It’s a very long list. I can’t even begin to mention them.

What’s your opinion of R&B music in Nigeria?

I’m glad it’s finally starting to take its place and for the longest time, we’ve been streamlining alternate music. Not that it is a bad thing to be celebrating our kind of music but it is really great to see that people who have wide pallets of music can appreciate other genres of music and I’m happy Nigerians are doing it. We always used to have that and we are back on track. The economic value of it, the artistic value of it, music is very broad and I think it should be appreciated that way and not streamlined.

Have you ever produced a dancehall track?

I produced a song for Street Monks and also for Mike of Project Fame. I’ve done quite a lot.

What determines the people you produce songs for?

Talent is very important. So is good communication skill. I need to be able to relate with them. I need artistes that know where they are going. You should want to do real music.

How has being married affected you?

I’ve always been responsible but marriage has just given me another sense of responsibility. I think about my family and it has taught me how to love in a different way and it has brought more excitement into my life. I’m experiencing excitements in another way. It has also brought a lot of lessons in my life.