Man rescued after 62 hours under collapsed building

Emergency workers in India have rescued a man after over 62 hours of being trapped under the debris of a collapsed building that killed at least 17 people, officials told AFP.

About 10 survivors were still being searched for four days after the collapse of the five-storey building in southern Karnataka state on Tuesday.

Head of the state’s fire and emergency services, M. N. Reddi, shared a video of the rescue operation with onlookers cheering as the man was pulled out alive from the rubble.

The man had no visible injuries; he was, however, taken to a nearby hospital for examination.

No less than 54 people have been rescued alive by the rescue team of over 400.

“Those rescued have been shifted to the hospital and five persons have been arrested in the matter,” an emergency official told AFP.

Owner of the construction company has been charged with manslaughter.

Cheap materials used in building houses in India, including bribing officials to evade regulations have caused frequent building collapse in the country.