Lizzy Anjorin responds to Iyabo Ojo’s challenge with more allegations

Actress Lizzy Anjorin has responded to Iyabo Ojo’s challenge with more allegations.

The duo has been at loggerheads after Lizzy made a series of posts accusing a fictional character she called Sepeteri of dating “Dada’ believed to be singer Naira Marley.

Lizzy went further to say that Sepeteri sleeps with men and even had a threesome with her daughter.

Reacting to the allegations, Iyabo who believed Lizzy was referring to her, called the actress a coward and lizard and dared her to mention her name.

“I want you to help me tag Lizzy Anjorin, this is not a show for her but this is me daring her. I hardly watch all the videos that she has done, but I have seen clips of accusations, help me tag her and tell her that I said Sepeteri is actually a state in a village, a place in Nigeria, it is not not my name. Whatever name she has given me I would appreciate it if she wants to make allegations, she should be bold enough to mention my name, my name is Alice Iyabo Ojo.

“So Lizzy Anjorin, your allegations of saying I was involved in Mohbad’s death, all your allegations that you have brought forth, everything that you have said about my children, all your allegations that you have said about my man, I have seen them but the only issue is that you are not mentioning my name. so I am daring you, I am mentioning your name first, so Lizzy Anjorin kindly mention my name,” she said in parts.

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Reacting to the challenge, Lizzy made another video, saying that she cannot mention Iyabo’s name because she does not want to make trouble. She also insisted that her followers already know who she has been referring to in her videos.

Making further allegations against the Sepeteri character, Lizzy claimed the mother of the fictional person encouraged Sepeteri and her daughter to have threesomes with men while she fanned them.

She also claimed Sepeteri subjected the late Mohbad’s father to humiliation and framed Baba Ijesha who was convicted of rape.

The Yoruba actress said all the women she ganged up with against Baba Ijesha are no longer speaking to her.

She also questioned why the fictional person had to wait till after Mohbad’s death before accusing Dada of giving her children drugs.

Lizzy also accused the character of using Mohbad’s death to collect donations and she should not be allowed to be part of the cast of The Real Housewives of Lagos which Iyabo Ojo is currently part of.