Living with disability for 40 years inspired me, Jigan Babaoja says on birthday

Jigan Babaoja

Actor Jigan Babaoja has penned down a lovely message to inspire people living with disability as part of his 40th birthday celebration.

The Yoruba actor posted a photo of himself, saying that he has been living with a disability for 40 years and he hopes to inspire others like he was inspired.

Jigan wrote: “This is what I have lived with for 40th years of my life! I’m using this post to inspire everyone living with disability that this is never the end of our journey, there is a lot you can achieve no matter who you are! Happy 40th birthday to me! Get inspired life is beautiful.”

Fellow celebrities and fams wished him a happy birthday in the comment section of the post.

Speaking about his condition in a Twitter post on November 13, Jigan Babaoja lamented the discrimination he faces over his disability.

“A lot of people feel my disability affects my sense of humor, if you have seen anyone living with a disability that affects their brain, I am exceptional my intelligence can help and also destroy the world. I am too verse don’t try me I am not one of those. Package yourself,” he wrote.

According to him, people with disabilities like himself often shy away from walking in the same direction as him because of their condition, Jigan also stated that anyone he comes across with that kind of behaviour would be embarrassed by his next line of action.

The actor developed a physical condition at an early stage of his life due to the wrong placement of the injection. He lost the activeness of his second leg in the process.