Linda Ikeji reacts to Caroline Danjuma’s home-wrecking allegation

Linda Ikeji

Blogger Linda Ikeji has reacted to actress Caroline Danjuma’s home-wrecking allegation against her.

In a statement posted on her blog on Saturday, Linda denied destroying Caroline’s marriage.

According to her, the story was completely made up by Caroline who she claims not to know.

The statement read in parts: “If this was a story written by Linda lIkeji Blog, a lot of other blogs would have carried it. There is no such story online on the thousands of blogs that exist in Nigeria. This is a story that was NEVER written about Caroline Danjuma. It doesn’t exist. PERIOD. Feel free to Google. This story was completely made up by Caroline Danjuma. Or she could have seen it as a comment made by anonymous commenters on LIB or any other blog.”

“But this story was NEVER Written about her. Other than calling her daughter ADORABLE, We NEVER Wrote anything else about her. Yes, we did write about Caroline’s age controversy when she came out some years ago to claim she was 27.

“Many people didn’t believe her and that was the angle of our story. It wasn’t written with malice. Two things that we want to make clear. Everyone who knows Caroline Danjuma, knows she blames everyone else for the demise of her marriage. It’s never her fault or the fault of her ex.

“Even in this so called reality show, another cast member said she lied when she said Linda lkeji blog contributed to the end of her marriage and mentioned another cast member who Caroline has for years blamed for the end of her marriage. We hope the show airs that episode.”

Linda’s sister, Laura Ikeji also called Caroline a liar, adding that her sister did not do what she has been accused of.

“This morning, I woke up a lil sad when saw @lindaikejiblogofficial statement refuting the claims Carolyn made, I should have told y’all Carolyn was lying yesterday but I didn’t want to escalate anything really. I knew Carolyn was off all through the night but I refused to cut her or talk back, not because couldn’t defend my family but she was talking about a child.

“Children re off limits for me. asked my sister about these stories and we googled them but nothing came up. You guys need to know Carolyn lol. It will all makes sense soon. I can’t say anything about the show because of course signed a contract but it will all make sense Soon,” she wrote on Instagram.