Linda Ikeji ruined my marriage – Caroline Danjuma

Caroline Danjuma

Actress Caroline Danjuma has accused blogger Linda Ikeji of being part of the reason her marriage ended.

The actress turned reality star made the accusation during the 3rd episode of The Real Housewives of Lagos.

Caroline said this to her co-stars Iyabo Ojo, Chioma Goodhair and Laura Ikeji following an altercation with Laura.

Laura accused Caroline of hating on her sister Linda for no reason.

Defending herself, the actress accused Linda of being a home wrecker.

According to Caroline, Linda kept writing unverified stories about her despite her efforts to reach the blogger to tell her truth.

She said, “Part of the reason why my marriage broke was because of Linda. I reached out to her she didn’t care. I handed her court papers, she didn’t care. Linda lied about my age, I reached out to her, Linda wrote that my daughter was for another man, I reached out to her, she didn’t care and you sit there to defend your family. I have family too, I have children that look up to me, I have people that fight for me.

“Don’t sit down there and tell me u want to slap me when your sister wrote about daughter. My daughter has 2 fucking holes in her hearts, did you know how I coped with that? Do you think I am happy to be divorced.

“From the moment I got married, Linda was in my butt, I didn’t snatch my husband from your sister. I love your sister so much and I respect her so much. I don’t know why she hates me. If you say you want to slap me for my sister, I will kill you. I got married for love and not money and I loved my husband and even till today”.

The mother of three ended her 10-year-marriage to Musa Danjuma, the younger of Nigeria’s former defence minister, Gen. TY Danjuma, in 2016 amid allegations of infidelity.