Lai Mohammed’s granddaughter weds in Kwara

Lai Mohammed granddaughter Toyosi and husband

Granddaughter of the minister of information and culture Lai Mohammed has married her lover.

Mohammed’s granddaughter Toyosi wedded Gbolahan Sambo in a traditional ceremony held at the minister’s residence on Thursday in Oro, Kwara State.

Mohammed attended the ceremony in a white outfit. His political allies and supporters also attended the occasion.

In photos shared with the media, the minister is seen arriving and greeting the traditional ruler of his town.

Mohammed told journalists that his political structure in Kwara remains intact and cannot be sunk.

“I am glad you noticed that I have here today the same people I have been working with in the last 20 years politically in Kwara.

“Though they tried to pluck me away from them, we interact regularly and we have almost become a family.

“I am not surprised even though I am delighted that they turned out in their numbers today to share with me in the joy of this occasion.

“What this means fundamentally is that there is no difference politically between me and them and they still regard me as one of their leaders and I still regard them as my associates,’’ he said.

The minister reiterated that notwithstanding the disagreement in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, his supporters and allies were still loyal to him.

“My political structure cannot be torpedoed because of disagreement. That is the essence of political structure: when you are strong enough to weather the storm that will necessarily come up, especially when it is time to vie for political offices,’’ he said.

Speaking on the marriage, the minister said the Yoruba culture revers the traditional rites as the most important marriages.

“As you can see, the bride was handed over to the parents of the groom which signifies that marriage is not just between two individuals but between families, communities and at times two kingdoms.

“This is important because every member of the families the communities or kingdoms must ensure the marriage does not hit the rocks,” he said.