Kunle Afolayan’s daughter Eyiyemi Afolayan opens up on relationship with dad on Anikulapo set

Kunle Afolayan daughter Eyiyemi

Actress Eyiyemi Afolayan, daughter of filmmaker Kunle Afolayan, has talked about her work relationship with her father on the set of Anikulapo.

Eyiyemi who plays the character Princess Omowunmi spoke to QEDNG on the red carpet of Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre premiere on Sunday in which she stated that there was no tension working with Kunle.

“My and dad I are friends, so there was no tension. The only tension I possibly felt was I don’t want to let my dad down, there are people here, let them know that in this family, it is inborn. Aside that, we would read the script together, we would rehearse together. If I am having a cold, we would make tea. He made it really seamless and easy for me. I was comfortable on set,” she said.

Omawunmi, daughter of the king, fell in love with Saro, cloth weaver on the latter’s first visit to the palace.

Unfortunately for the princess, Saro had already fallen in love with the king’s youngest wife, Queen Arolake and they both began an affair.

Omawunmi discovered the affair and their plan to elope, she informed her mother who reported the matter to the king.

Eyiyemi also revealed to QEDNG that her character will not encounter Saro or Arolake in Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre.