Kukah mourns as Queen Elizabeth’s death coincides with his 11th anniversary as bishop

Matthew Kukah

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Kukah, on Friday expressed sorrow at the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, saying she was a committed royal leader, well-loved for her sincerity and sense of purpose.

Kukah told newsmen that Queen Elizabeth was well respected because of the goodwill she brought into governance.

He said, “She was a compassionate and determined administrator, a peacemaker and bridge builder who stepped in to lead the Commonwealth of Nations effectively.

“The beautiful and genteel face of Queen Elizabeth had long become etched in public memory across generations.

“She ascended the throne the year I was born and died on a significant date September 8 which is the birthday of the Blessed Virginia Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ.

“It also marked my 11th episcopal ordination anniversary”.

He explained that Queen Elizabeth impact`s went beyond the UK and Commonwealth but the entire world.

“She will be remembered as a moral force in world that has become severely fractured by hatred and other forms of extremism.

“Queen Elizabeth’s reign covered a period of massive social, economic, technological and political change.

“It saw the transformation of the once global British Empire into a Commonwealth of 52 independent nations headed by the queen and the country’s entrance into and exit from the European Union.

“Fifteen prime ministers served under Elizabeth, from Winston Churchill on her accession to the throne in 1952 to Liz Truss,” Kukah said.

He prayed to God to be merciful to her soul.