#kiddrica: Why I can’t leave Kiddwaya despite breakup – Erica

Big Brother Naija season 5 housemate Erica has given reasons for her return to fellow housemate and lover Kiddwaya, few hours after she ended the relationship.

According to the 25-year-old, she cannot leave Kiddwaya as long as she sees him all the time in the house.

On Thursday, the two were seen in a compromising position.

Few hours before then, Erica had broken up with Kiddwaya after stating her intention to focus on herself and the house.

Erica had also told another Big Brother housemate Laycon that she is physically attracted to Kiddwaya and has a thing for him.

But in a conversation with Laycon last night, who is trying to have a relationship with Erica, she said breaking up with Kiddwaya won’t work.

Laycon said, “I feel like this is my time to learn new things about myself because I’ve never been in this type of situation before. Like I said, I can run and very fast.”

Erica replied saying: “This house is too small [for one] to run. Even me, I am supposed to (run). Like if we were outside and meet someone like Kidd, I think what I’d have done is try not to see him. If I try not to see him I’ll be in control (of myself) but here I have to see him every day. I think this is the situation we find ourselves here.”

Erica then left Laycon and returned to Kiddwaya.