Kate Henshaw defends Aisha Yesufu as critic points out age difference

Kate Henshaw

Actress Kate Henshaw has defended rights activist Aisha Yesufu against a critic who pointed out their age differences.

The drama started on Twitter on Tuesday after a tweep who goes by the name Duke of Nigeria shared photos of the duo with what he believed was their date of birth.

Reacting to the tweet, Aisha replied saying, “@HenshawKate is gorgeous! Imagine if she had said she was 30 we would have believed. Thank God she had the integrity not to. Please correct my date of birth. It is 12/12/1973 not 12/12/1974.

Another tweep identified as Idris Abdul wrote: “Aisha you look 70 years old.”

Angered by the statement, Kate defended Aisha as she berated the critic for disrespecting her.

“You are rude…If she looks 70years old, can you not respect it?? I don’t get this ageism stuff, especially with women.. Are there not old men too?? Stop it,” she wrote.