Kannywood actress suspended over sexual harassment claim

The Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) has suspended Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, for claiming she was denied a role in a movie for refusing to sleep with the director, Adam Zango.

MOPPAN said the 21-year-old Business Administration graduate of the Kaduna Polytechnic was suspended for violating its rules.

Rahama had in a post on her Instagram page some months back accused Zango of firing her from his movie, Duniya Makaranta, after she rejected his sexual demands.

She, however, posted an apology the following day, calling her behaviour childish.

In a letter issued to her on Tuesday, the association accused the actress of sabotaging producers by threatening to stop recording in the middle of a production.

MOPPAN hopes the decision to suspend her will serve as a lesson to others that the industry is governed by rules and principles.

The Kaduna born actress joined Kannywood in 2012 and is the darling of many fans of Hausa language movies.

She played a few minor roles before becoming famous in Gani ga Wane alongside popular Kannywood actor, Ali Nuhu.

With an enormous fan base in the North, Rahama won Best New Actress (Kannywood) at City People Awards 2014.