Kanayo O. Kanayo disowns actor reportedly killed by police during gun battle with kidnappers in Lagos

NollywooNollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo

Actor and lawyer Kanayo O. Kanayo, has publicly disowned an actor who was reportedly killed in Lagos and alleged to be a kidnapper planning to go after wealthy people in the Ladipo area of Lagos.

Kanayo addressed the issue on his Instagram account on Tuesday, urging bloggers to exercise caution in labelling individuals as ‘actors and producers.’

Introducing himself, the actor stated, “My name is Kanayo O Kanayo, a Nollywood actor and a lawyer. And why I made this introduction is because I’m one of the protectors of the Nigerian entertainment industry in word and in deed.”

He continued, revealing his concerns about the reports. “I just read this breaking news: ‘Nollywood actor amongst nine alleged millionaire kidnappers killed by Police in Lagos.’ And I begin to ask, who is a Nollywood actor, who is a Nollywood producer?” he said.

The actor highlighted how easily people claim to be part of Nollywood, giving several instances.

“Is it somebody who calls himself a producer, assembling some girls or boys conducting an audition taking money from those that need to be auditioned that makes him a producer?” he questioned.

“An actor is now somebody who leaves his trade, finds Nollywood a fertile ground to foist his activities?”

Kanayo emphasised the need for the media to properly identify true actors and producers.

“We must begin to identify who is an actor and a producer,” he asserted.

The movie star commended the Nigerian police for their efforts in making Lagos safe.

He added, “Please bloggers, influencers, journalists, and so on, be mindful of those you refer to as Nollywood producers and actors. It affects some of us. We need to investigate. It’s beginning to become a bad name for all of us who practice this trade, who depend on it.”