Juliana Olayode issues warning to critics of celibacy before marriage

Nollywood actress Juliana Olayode

Actress Juliana Olayode has issued a warning to those criticising her over her decision to remain celibate till she gets married.

The former Jenifa’s Diary actress made headlines on Monday after stating that she might consider getting married because her sexual desires keep growing.

The statement generated reactions from social media users with some applauding her for chosing to remain celibate while others stated that abstaining from sex does not guarantee a successful marriage.

Reacting in an Instagram post on Wednesday, Juliana issued a warning tho those sending private messages to her.

The actress stated that she does not regret making the video and does not regret her decision to abstain from sex until marriage.

She wrote in parts: “All of a sudden feel like everyone has my number.Haven’t heard from certain people on my contact in years, but now that bloggers have done what they know how to do best, everyone is buzzing me. I really appreciate those who reach out just to check if I am okay, and to encourage me but don’t understand those who just send me links from blogs… like what am suppose to do with that?

“Don’t come to my DM asking questions if you haven’t gone on my page to see the video posted and read my caption, more importantly watch the full video on my YouTube channel. I’m just going to ignore I said what I said, and I have no regrets, also lI’m not sad, never been happier in my entire life.”