John Boyega seeks Yoruba translation of barbers’ appreciation video

John Boyega
John Boyega

Hollywood star, John Boyega, has picked media personality, Agba, popularly known as Oli Ekun, to translate a video he dedicated to his barbers, whom he is unable to visit due to the coronavirus pandemic, into Yoruba.

The 28-year-old commissioned him to translate the video on Twitter on Sunday after seeking suggestions from his followers.

”Who’s going to dub this for me in Yoruba?” he asked.

He then announced that he had settled for Agba, tweeting, ”Yoruba version with @Oli_Ekun narrating in the works right now !!!”

John had originally shared the video on social media on Friday.

He captioned it, ”Dear Barbers all around the world. My looks are hitting a 5.5 at the moment due to the lack of our heroes…”

There was a bit of an uproar on Twitter, however, when actor, Olalekan Olaleye, announced that he had already translated the video and even offered his version to the Star Wars star.

Many on Twitter accused him of trying to sabotage Agba, while others argued that he had only grabbed an opportunity and had done nothing wrong.

Read some of the tweets below: