John Boyega denies accepting marriage proposal from fan

John Boyega

Hollywood actor, John Boyega, has denied accepting a marriage proposal from a Twitter user with username @quakerrina who had asked him to ‘consider her for marriage.’

“This video is for John Boyega, John if you’re watching this, I’m 5:7 and I have a lot of free time,” she said in the video shared on Tuesday.

She also added that she has good genes and can learn how to cook.

On Wednesday, John joked that he had not accepted her proposal yest.

“Pls why is the TL saying I’ve just accepted marriage proposal? Lol I’m here minding my own business oo,” he tweeted.

The London-native added that everyone on his timeline were acting like his Nigerian parents and begged them to allow him fufil his purpose before ‘killing’ him.

On Monday, John shared a picture of himself saying a prayer before enjoying a meal of pounded yam, okra stew and assorted meat.

He captioned the Instagram photo, β€œThanking the almighty fada for pounded yam, okra stew with some assorted meat. From this sustenance comes discipline, a bit of a gut, an increase in the ability to mind your own business and good sleep. I am grateful.”