Joeboy addresses concerns about song ‘Alcohol’

Singer Joseph Afinfenwa-Donus popularly known as Joeboy has addressed some of the concerns regarding the lyrics and message behind his hit single ‘Alcohol’.

Since the release of the single, the singer has been greeted with mixed reactions from fans who opined that the song encourages alcoholism, rebellion and threatens moral decorum among youths.

However, in a recent Instagram live, Joeboy stated that the song does not encourage drinking habits in any way.

“Being tipsy inspired ‘Alcohol’. There are different challenges in life; it never ends. There is always something one needs to fix or solve. I am not encouraging alcoholism in any way but I understand that people need breaks but trying to run away from one’s problems won’t fix them at the end of the day,” he said.

On October 22, ‘Alcohol’ peaked at number one on all digital charts including Spotify, Boomplay and Shazam.

The single started trending on social media after Tik Tok users created videos with the songs to display actions inspired by the lyrics.

Some celebrities have also joined the challenge.

Joeboy was signed into Mr Eazi’s record label Empawa Africa in 2017.