James Brown responds to critics of new look

James Brown

Crossdresser James Browm has finally replied to those criticising his new look.

The 23-year-old who has been posting photos of himself on social media dressed as a man has also crowned himself as the ‘prince of Africa’.

The crossdresser dumped women’s clothing days after the sex tape went viral and he has been advertising masculine outfits for a particular fashion brand.

However, James came under heavy criticism as some accused him of trying to gain more popularity with the gender switch.

Responding in an Instagram post on Monday, James Brown shared other photos of himself dressed as a man, adding that he is more of a man than those criticising him.

He wrote: “I attract both genders, I’m more of a man than your boyfriend.”

Last month, the Instagram influencer indicated an interest in getting married to a woman after repackaging himself as a man.