Iyabo Ojo calls out Lagos govt over alleged N18m tax

Iyabo Ojo

Actress Iyabo Ojo has accused Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) of exorbitant tax levy of N18,640,092 which came with a seven-day ultimatum for payment.

Iyabo shared pictures of the personal income tax signed on the letterhead of the LIRS on her Instagram page, adding that she got the letter on Monday.

In the currently-deleted post, she wrote, “Jidesanwoolu @lagosstategovt, please, how do you people come up with these outrageous personal income taxes you send on a daily basis?

“After paying different types of taxes for one’s businesses, house & all…. you still come up with all this huge amount and give me 7 days to pay up, lol.”

The movie star narrated how she went to the office of the LIRS to explain all she earns as a businesswoman which she did only for her to get the alleged outrageous levy from the state government. 

“Make i go thief ni? I ask again, “How do you (sic) people come up with such outrageous bills,” she queried.

“I don’t know how much you think I get paid. Hence, your team will come up with this conclusion.”

She further questioned what the government has done to improve her life, adding, “I have single-handedly raised my kids and so many others, plus myself without a single help from the government. Yet you feel so entitled to reap over 100 per cent from where you did not sow.”

“Nothing is working right in this country, but yet you feel the need to take from where you have not sown.”

Iyabo added that the government is free to arrest, jail her and also close down her business because she is not ready to pay the levy.

According to LIRS, Iyabo has a tax liability of N7,376,000.00 for the year 2022 and an outstanding liability of N11,264,092 for the 2021 income year.