I’ve always been pro-divorce, Daddy Freeze reacts to IK Ogbonna’s divorce

Daddy Freeze

Controversial radio presenter, Daddy Freeze, has said that he has always been pro-divorce while reacting to the separation of Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, and his ex-wife, Sonia LaReina, together.

The broadcaster made this known in an Instagram post on Thursday.


“I have always been, out of sheer experience, very pro divorce if shit don’t work…….But this is one couple I genuinely loved and respected… Really sad.FRZ,” he wrote.

Sonia LaReina labelled IK Ogbonna, as her ex-husband, ending speculations about the state of their troubled marriage in an Instagram post earlier on Thursday.

Announcing the separation, she wrote: “I want to use this medium to thank my ex-husband for not prolonging the hardship and now I have to face the world on my own. Our son will forever be a representation of you in my life. Thank you for the lessons you taught me over the years. I wasn’t sure what to write, who to write to or what my angle would be. But I know who I need to say goodbye to now with certainty.


“Lastly, without hate or animosity, i look back at the past five years and all i can do is thank you. Thank you for the good times, for the hard times. Thank you for helping to shape the strong person I am today and for being a part of my life for a small slice of time.”