It’s irresponsible sending children to live with relatives – Faith Oyedepo

Faith Oyedepo, wife of Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith International, has warned against sending children to live with relatives.

She said in an Instagram post on Sunday that it is an irresponsible act which should be discouraged.

“The act of sending children over to other relatives is an act of irresponsibility and should be discouraged,” she wrote.

According to her, some of these children sent to live with relatives become victims of rape, molestation, child abuse and other vices.

Commenting further on her website, she quoted 2 Timothy 3:15 and advised parents to bring up their children to know God and not just practice religion.

“Do not leave your children to speculate what the Christian faith is, or think they would come to understand salvation over time when they keep attending services. It is your duty to lead them to Christ and see them firmly rooted in the faith,” she said.

Oyedepo added that training a child is not just in words, but making the child understand how important it is to live for Christ.