Ireti Doyle denies aiding arrest of victims of daughter’s alleged scam

Ireti Doyle

Actress Ireti Doyle has denied that she aided the arrest of the victims of her daughter’s alleged fraudulent activities.

A civil rights movement, Concerned Nigerian, on Twitter, accused the actress of using Interpol to pick up the victims of her daughter’s alleged fraudulent activity.

Reacting to the accusation on Twitter on Tuesday, the actress in a series of tweets demanded proof of her involvement in the act.

“It’s been a little over two weeks since you made this assertion in the public space and I quote ‘we can now CONFIRM (caps mine) that Ms. Ireti Doyle is using Interpol to pick up victims of her daughter’s alleged fraudulent activities’.

“And that, again I quote ‘stop using your connections to corrupt people to intimidate innocent people”. You rounded it up ominously with “you have us to contend with’. I haven’t heard back. Please shed more light on your findings include the list of said corrupt people as well pls. Contrary to the news being circulated by the gutter press, the authorities are very interested in this case. Any evidence you can provide will help,” she tweeted.

In another tweet, Ireti wrote, “Are you really really certain about everything you’re saying? If summoned to back up your claims will you be able to? I suggest you rest, take a seat and let things play out. Stop inserting yourself in issues you know very little about. Please.”

The 54-year-old had on October 10 declared that she is in no way connected to her daughter’s company Kachi Beauty Products which has been accused of scamming customers of millions of naira.

Ireti made the declaration in a disclaimer shared on Instagram after months of answering questions over her 34-year-old daughter Abimbola Onyeulo’s business dealings.