Instagram comedienne Maraji in tears after boyfriend of 2 years dumped her


Social media comedienne and actor Maraji has narrated how she was dumped by her boyfriend after two years.

Born Gloria Olorunto, the comic star tearfully narrated the incident in a video shared on Instastories.

“Recently I was dumped by my ex for no reason. Apparently, he likes someone else. It has been a tough month because it happened just last month. It has been a tough month,” she said on Friday.

“People have been very supportive of me, sorry people have been extremely supportive of me but there has been this friend of mine who I just made. Honestly he has been there.

“He is in India and I am here in Nigeria like he always calls me. And it shocks me that why does this person care about how I’m doing. I feel like God blessed me with this person.”

The Instagram sensation added that she shared her story because she wanted the public to know that she cries too and goes through pain sometimes.

The Edo native has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Covenant University.