Iniubong Umoren: Mob ‘arrests’ alleged serial rapist’s father, vandalises house

A mob on Tuesday stormed the family house of Uduak Akpan, the prime suspect in the murder of a jobseeker, Iniubong Umoren, and vandalised it.

The mob which comprised mainly of youths from Nnung Ikono Obio in Oruan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom also burnt down the security post of the one-storey building.

It was also gathered that the youth carted away all the property in the building and took the father of the suspected killer to the police.

“They broke the windows and the glass doors with pebbles and sticks, and carted away everything in the building,” a source told PUNCH.

Mr Akpan, the prime suspect, allegedly lured, abducted, sexually abused, killed and buried Ms Umoren, a 26-year-old graduate of Philosophy from the University of Uyo on the pretext of a job interview.

The youth President Sunday Essien expressed disappointment at Akpan’s alleged action.

“There is nothing happening apart from what you have already heard. It’s not good for the boy to kill a fellow human being. We don’t know that that was what he had been doing. That is the reason we took this action,” he told the newspaper.

Similarly, students of the Faculty of Arts, University of Uyo on Tuesday dressed in black and protested against the gruesome murder and demanded that justice be served.

Leader of 2015 set of the faculty Unyime Anietie stated, “Iniubong Umoren did not deserve to die; she didn’t have to die after all the stress she went through in school. We want to appeal to Mrs Martha Emmanuel to use her pet project, Family Empowerment and Youths Re-orientation Path-initiative to ensure that the perpetrators of such act are brought to justice.

“If this is what it will take for rape and all other forms of gender-based violence to end, then we appeal to all stakeholders to see to the end of this case.”