I’m more decent than many married women – Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has declared herself more decent than many married women who she says try to make single ladies look bad.

The creative arts graduate of the University of Lagos – notorious for flashing intimate parts of her body – made the statement in an Instagram post on Friday.

Writing in a manner that justifies criticism of the value of her education, the defiant actress took a swipe at those she describes as “oversabi married people”, “Holier than thou people” and “relationship goals people”.

This is for you ….Yes you 😛 …All them oversabi “Marriedpeople” “Holierthanthoupeople” “Relationshipgoals😐people”….sabi you are married and happy …leave me that ayam single,lonely and miserable now abi 😨😩or is it your single😪………. Sabi you wear the right things ( i cant even write🙈 that do the right things because i know , am way more decent despite having way too many opportunities to soar my royal oats😂🙈( like waaaay more decent👅👅 than most of the ladies who type rubbish especially the ones that are always covered up …oh 🙄😏😑🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️and that includes the married ones😜😜😛😂😂😂 ..am still in my house that is in a village 😒come and beat me before i go out)……..and your life is “fantastic “……….why then do you feel the need to just write rubbish ???……….. All you “hypocrites”👅😒😞 let me breathe jare ,it is social media😞😩I have a dead social life, can’t I have fun here as well?? Haba😒🤣😂 Safe fun??? …… ………………………. p.s #Stillthebaddestgoodgirlyouknow 👅 p.s if you are always covered up but you are still cheating on your boyfriend, you are equally as bad as the married cheating ones…..🤣😂 Community undercover ….. 😜😜😝…. Well since we are into name calling now 😎😎… 😐😐……….. My apologies if this message affected your sensibilities but some comments and messages are just plain ridiculous and not even true ……. Bikini picture loading😜😛 .. #ML

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Claiming that she has had many opportunities to engage in casual sexual relationships, she added she is rather more decent than some women who cover their bodies and are married.

Moyo was forced to deny having suicidal thoughts in August after fans thought her statement “I have been living in a body fighting to survive with a mind that has been trying to die” meant she wanted to kill herself.

Apart from her perceived waywardness, Moyo has also been heavily criticised for the way she looks especially when she exposes her body.