Ifu Ennada urges Cee-c, Alex to reconcile to end hatred amongst fans

Ifu Ennada

Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate and actress, Ifu Ennada, has urged fellow ex-housemates Cee-c and Alex to end their difference to stop the death threat they get from each other’s fans.

Cee-c revealed earlier on Tuesday that a fan of Alex’s had threatened to pour acid on her because she allegedly pays people to troll Alex and Tobi.

In an Instagram post, Ifu Ennada revealed that she has called Cee-c and Alex separately to try to make peace between them but neither listened.

She advised them to make peace with each other so that their respective fans will cease to threaten them.

“Alex and CeeC please make up already! Let the public know you’re cool. Discourage your fans from this war that is gradually brewing,” she wrote in a lengthy post.

It’s unfortunate we’ve gotten to this point where people get acid bath threats. — – Sometime in Port Harcourt, about 2 months ago, a CeeC fan verbally and physically attacked Alex. It was so bad that Alex was going to damn the public eyes watching and retaliate, but for intervention from Rico, myself and Naomi – Alex’s manager who stopped her. — — I spoke with CeeC to speak out to her fans but she didn’t. I also spoke to her about the possibility of making peace with Alex. Alex had told me how CeeC ignored her greeting with Rico being a witness, I asked CeeC about this, but she dismissed it. — — A lot of times, Big Brother fans have written me, asking me to make peace between these ladies. I hope you all see how I tried to intervene in the past. — — NO DRAMA IS WORTH THE UGLINESS THAT COULD ERUPT FROM THIS ENDLESS FAN WARS. – – We all don’t have to be friends, but we should all have respect for each other. – Respect to call our fans to order; one that sees us value each other’s lives over drama and trending on Instagram in the name of bullshit. — — Countless times Alex and Tobi have gotten death threats from CeeC fans. They all up in their DM. While they choose to ignore these, it’s not OK. – During Swanky Jerry’s party at the club, some people who identified themselves as CeeC’s fans confronted Alex physically, spat on the floor several times and told her they don’t like her. She called me and spoke about this experience, but I asked her to stay calm. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! — — I know CeeC might experience some measure of attack from crazy fans, this acid bath threat being the recent. All these can be curbed if there’s peace. — — Alex and CeeC please make up already! Let the public know you’re cool. Discourage your fans from this war that is gradually brewing. — — United, we can make exploits! The other day in our group I wrote about the business possibility we could explore together and the greatness that could be ours. — — Let us remember our Big Brother days when we worked as a group and won our Thursday tasks. — — We have what it takes to collectively be the most successful Big Brother Housemates ever! — Love is the key.

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The reality TV show stars were at loggerheads during the reality TV show and were not able to resolve the rift between them even after the show.