If a SARS officer attacks me, I will shoot him –Ikechukwu


Rapper and actor, Ikechukwu, on Friday, said that if a SARS officer attacks him, he would disarm the officer and shoot him.

The Wedding Party actor said this via Instagram on Friday in reaction to a video of SARS officers attacking a young man with a stick.

“When i say this i really mean it, the day these type of individuals run into me i might end up dying that day. Truth is how much humility and calm are u supposed to have? Even if we want to believe that God is using the situation to test us , will he test us to our death and demise?

“For what reason is such an individual wearing the uniform of one who is supposed to protect and serve the same person he is bludgeoning and raping of his rights in broad daylight so bold and so arrogant with slaps to follow and insults. Then more planking.

“ My God i beg u please cos i will disarm that fool and shoot him with his own gun. I swear on it. If u powers that be cant do what is necessary then step the fuck outta office and outta the way and allow people who are about change and fairness and rules and regulations and proper protocols and due process take ur place,” he wrote in parts.

Ikechukwu Onunaku was born in Manassas Virginia in the United States of America to Nigerian parents. He was raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

His first album, Son of the Soil, has the single ‘Wind Am Well’ featuring D’banj and Don Jazzy.

His second album is titled Life and Times of Killz Vol.1.

Some of his nominations include Best New Artist in Africa at the 2006 Channel O Spirit of Africa Video Awards and Revelation of the Year at 2007’s Hip Hop World Awards.