Idahosa, wife celebrate 19th wedding anniversary

Bishop Faith Idahosa, son of the late charismatic preacher Bishop Benson Idahosa, and his wife Laurie on Monday clocked 19 years together as a couple.

The lovebirds took to Instagram to say beautiful things about their time together.

Faith wrote, “19 years of doing life together after saying ‘I do,’ together. 19 years of smiling together after dealing with the trails and wins together. 19 years of holding each other so that we can stand together.

“19 years of clothing matching each other while our hearts were matched and latched together.”

He added that he was grateful for his wife who is a blessing to him.

Laurie recalled how they began their romance in 1987, adding that she was grateful they’re still together despite the moments she wished could be forgotten.

“It started in 1987 as an innocent summer romance between young teenagers. Since then, we have enjoyed 34 years of unbroken friendship and 19 years of marriage.

“There has been sunshine beautiful moments that I wish we could relive. We have also certainly had more than our share of rainy days ~ tough times that I wish we could forget. By the Grace of God, through it all, we are still standing,” she wrote.

The couple is blessed with four boys.