I spent N60m on her because of love, Chinese accused of killing Nigerian lover tells court

Chinese killer of Kano woman Ummakulsum Buhari

Frank Geng-Quangrong a Chinese man accused of killing his Nigerian lover on Wednesday told a Kano High Court that he spent N60million on the deceased because he loved her.

The 47-year-old, who lives at Railway Quarters Kano, is standing trial for alleged murder of Ummukulsum Sani, a crime contrary to Section 221(b) of the Penal Code.

Led in evidence by his counsel Muhammad Dan’azumi, the defendant said he is a Muslim, international trader and marketer at BBY Textiles Kwari Market in Kano.

“In June 2020 Ummukulsum got my phone number from her friend and called to tell me that she loves me, by the grace of God she will marry me.

“We started our relationship in July 2020 and she started asking for money. I gave her all she wanted because I loved her.

“I transferred over N6million to her GTBank account. N18million for her to start a business, N4million house and N6million for university education among others.

“Whenever I go to pick her for dinner at home her mum always welcomed me with open arms,” he said.

Frank told the court that in February 2022, the deceased married someone else.

“I was heartbroken and disappointed so I relocated to Abuja.

“She kept calling me and chatting me on WhatsApp and continued demanding for money.

“Ummukulsum later told me she was divorced and asked me to come back to her and promised to marry me for the second time.

He said on September 13, 2022, Ummukulsum asked for money to continue her house project in Abuja.

He said he told the 22-year-old that he did not have the money and she got very angry with him and stopped taking his calls.

“She thought I was broke; that was why I don’t want to spend much money on her like before.

“She told me that she has found a new love and later sent her picture with the new lover on my WhatsApp which provoked me,” he told the court.

The prosecutor, who is also the attorney-general of Kano State Musa Abdullahi-Lawan allege that the defendant on September 16, 2022 stabbed the deceased with a knife in her house at Janbulo Quarters, Kano.

The defendant, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Justice Sanusi Ado-Ma’aji adjourned the matter until January12 for continuation of defence.