I don’t pay attention to astrology – Simi


Singer Simisola Kokosko popularly known as Simi has said that she does not pay attention to astrology.

The 33-year-old said this in an Instagram post on Wednesday in response to a post singer Burna Boy made, saying that being a cancer is stressful.

“Being a cancer is fu*king stressful, but I’m getting the hang of it,” he wrote.

Responding, Simi wrote: ” Tbh a lot of that was accurate about me. But some of it wasn’t. I don’t pay attention to astrology (It’s astrology shebi?) because many of these things can be true about many people, Alo, I think too many people make an important decision in their lives based on their sign or don’t take responsibility for their actions because ‘oh I’m a Leo, I can’t help it’.

“I refuse to accept that my actions (good or bad) are strongly based on the day/month I was born. It’s just lazy to me.Idk. So I don’t pay attention to it and I will continue to pray about it.”