I climbed wardrobe as gunmen ransacked rooms — Greenfield University student

Some of the students of Greenfield University Kaduna, who escaped being abducted on April 20, have narrated their experiences on that fateful day.

They shared their stories on Wednesday at the funeral of Dorothy Yohanna which was held at ECWA Goodnews Church, Narayi High Cost, Kaduna. Ms Yohanna was among those abducted. She was later found dead.

Narrating his experience, a 200-level international relations student Jesse Jakiri said: “We hid ourselves on top of the wardrobe of our hostel to avoid being kidnapped when the bandits stormed our school.”

He described the attack as traumatic for students and the university community, saying “the bandits shot sporadically to the air and went from one room to the other in search of students to carry away.

“It was around 8:30pm, we were in the hostel when we heard gunshots. We then came out to see what was happening only for us to see our porter dragging door with the bandits.

“That was when they shot him on the leg, he left the door and they went inside and shot him on the chest.

“We were there wondering what was happening, rushed into our rooms and locked the door and climbed the wardrobe to hide ourselves, about three of us.

“Meanwhile, there was this door that many students ran into, that was the one the bandits attacked, broke the door and picked some students.

“After the incident, we came out when we heard soldiers came in to our rescue. It was then we discovered that they broke into the girls’ hostel and went away with all the girls. They would have gone with all of us too.”

A 200 level student of cyber-security Lemuel Adamu, who also escaped the attack, said he and three of his friends hid inside a wardrobe for almost an hour before they came out.

“The bandits came knocking on our door and asked us to open the door but we maintained silence and hide inside the wardrobe, three of us. After some persistence, they went away,” he said.

Adamu said the operation lasted for about an hour before the military came in.

Altogether, 16 females and six males were taken hostage. Five have been killed.

The abductors have demanded for N800 million as ransom for their freedom.