How I became bald after making jest of dad – Hafiz Oyetoro

Hafiz Oyetoro Saka

Yoruba actor Hafiz Oyetoro has shared a funny story of how he became bald after making jest of his late father.

The veteran actor explained the loss of his hair in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

According to Hafiz, he made a joke about his dad being bald and the latter told him he would eventually end up the same. Saka added that his dad’s prediction came to pass after he shaved his hair for a stage play and the hair refused to grow back after his performance.

He wrote: “My late father (may his soul rest in perfect peace) was a farmer. One afternoon on the farm I just noticed that I was a little taller than him and I could clearly see his bald head. So I cracked a joke about it with him. ‘Baami ori yin ti pa gan o’. (Daddy you are truly balded) He smiled and calmly responded ‘o fe kan iwo naa.’ (It will soon reach your turn) I laughed out VERY loud.

“I mean how could it reach my turn when my hairs were almost touching my eyebrows. A voice inside me cautioned, ‘you dey mock your papa abi? mumu'”.

“‘Shut up you’ve come again abi? Idiot’ I said.”

“At that time my hair was full I could even compete in ‘Afro Style Competition’. Whenever I went back to the village I would deliberately comb my full hair and stylishly show him my afro style. He would look at me and smile. And that voice again.

“‘Mumu you dey show off for your papa abi’ and ‘shut up idiot’ I would respond. When I got to the University of Ife as GOD would have it, I took part in “Raisin in the Sun”, It was directed by Mr (now Prof) Chuck Mike who interpreted the role as a balded young man. My afro style was cut and a bald style was made for me. That voice again “Mumu see now you don dey enter gorimapa bus small small”.

Narrating further, Saka wrote: “‘Shut up idiot what do you know?'” I responded. However, after the performance, the hair refused to grow again, instead, it started to recede. By the time I got to my final year, I realized that TRULY it has reached my turn. When my father saw me at one of our family meetings, he stared at me with a very wide smile like he was saying to me “IT HAS FINALLY REACHED YOUR TURN SON” and that voice added his own. ‘Mr Stupid Gorimapa shebi you say I be idiot'”.

“I just ignored him he’s a fool. Is it a crime to have a bald head like one’s father? Sincerely, ladies and gentlemen, I AM HAPPY with my “GORIMAPA” head. But am wondering, Is it because I made a joke out of my father’s baldness or I am naturally made to be balded? Please enlighten me o. … IT IS WELL.”