House of Reps members, Akin Alabi, Bamidele, kick against N37bn NASS renovation

Akin Alabi NairaBet founder

Two members of the House of Representatives, Akin Alabi and Bamidele Salam, have disagreed with their colleagues in the National Assembly over N37 billion earmarked for the assembly’s renovation.

Since President Muhammadu Buhari approved the fund, it has raised dust among Nigerians.


Mr Alabi said on Twitter on Sunday night that the renovation fund should be used for upgrading schools and hospitals.

“I see no reason why we should spend N37b renovating the National Assembly. Yes, we need upgrade on some aspects like the electronic systems (sound system, voting system etc) as they are outdated but N37b? No. Let’s spend that on our schools and hospitals,” he said.

Mr Salam also supported the idea of the said fund being used to renovate hospitals and schools.

“I am a member of @nassnigeria but I sincerely do not think we need a 37 billion Naira renovation of that edifice now,” he said on Twitter.

“Apart from the Chambers of NASS which need some upgrade in the audio & recording system, the entire structure needs no renovation more than our classrooms, hospitals and roads which are mostly in a decrepit condition.

“As an advocate of an aggressive microcredit strategy for job creation, I would rather want to see 370,000 small businesses get 100k interest free loan within 12 months rather than have 1 edifice swallow that sum within the same period.”


Salam said he would be making the advocacy on the floor of the lower chamber when the House reconvenes in January.

The said amount, which is included in the 2020 budget, is however not part of the N128 billion allocated for the National Assembly for next year.