Homophobes who are not aggressive should be tolerated – Gideon Okeke

Gideon Okeke

Nollywood actor Gideon Okeke on Thursday said that homophobes who are not aggressive with their ‘dislike of fact’ should be tolerated and accepted.

The Tinsel star said this in an Instagram post following the recent announcement by Disney about Superman’s sexuality.

Disney had announced that the new Superman character Jon Kent is bisexual.

Gideon who expressed his disapproval over the new storyline said that making a comic book for minors with sexual content is wrong.

“If you make a comic book shoving and making decisions of the sexual kinds for minors, then there should be no age restrictions/limits to things, The age of consent becomes flawed, Oyinbo na bastard,” he wrote.

Speaking further the actor who has severally publicised his disapproval for the LGBTQ community said that in a world of tolerance and acceptance, homophobes who are not aggressive with their dislike of fact should also be accepted.

“In a world of tolerance and acceptance, the homophobe who is not aggressive with his dislike of the fact (devoid of hate), should also be tolerated. Accepted. I don’t like what you don’t mean I hate you,” he wrote.