Hold Harrysong responsible if anything happens to my kids – Estranged wife

Harrysong and wife Alex Gopa

Alex Gopa, estranged wife of singer Harrysong, has said that he should be held responsible if anything happens to her kids.

The woman said this in a recent post on her Instagram story in which she accused him of being a deadbeat father.

“@Iamharrysong If anything happens to my kids you’ll be held responsible. #deadbeat,” she wrote.

This comes weeks after made a post on her Instagram account, saying that she is officially done.

On January 19, Harrysong revealed that he and his wife are experiencing challenging times in their marital relationship and urged the public to respect their privacy.

Harrysong thanked his fans for their concern and requested their utmost understanding.

He wrote: “After much reflection and discussion with my family, I have decided to put out this to my fans and well-wishers, that while this is undoubtedly a challenging time for my family on the stories making round on social media of the marital problems my wife and I are having.

“I am appealing to members of the public to respect my family’s privacy during this period and also to request your utmost understanding. Thanks for the love and support.”

The couple, who held a glamorous wedding in Warri, Delta State, on 27 March 2021, have two daughters.