Harrysong’s estranged wife speaks after making disturbing Instagram post

Harrysong and wife Alex Gopa

Alexer Peres, estranged wife of singer Harrysong, has appreciated everyone who reached out over her troubling post on Instagram Story.

The post, which was shared on Sunday, showing the image of an insecticide, Sniper, sparked widespread concern.

Taking to Instagram Story on Monday, Alexer appreciated everyone who checked on her.

“Thanks to everyone that reached out to check up on me all I can say is I’m fine now by the grace of God. Have faced many challenges but this one hit me hard and I felt I couldn’t handle it,” she said.

This followed the feud between her and Harrysong which saw them trade allegations against each other on social media.

Back in May, the ‘Reggae Blues’ singer, in a live session, accused Alexer of carrying another man’s child while still married to him.

“My wife came to inform me that she was pregnant when I stopped sleeping with her for almost a year. She was pregnant for another man in a marriage,” he said.

The singer added, “Her mother just got married to a sixth or seventh husband, and the same guy is still calling to inform me that the woman is not staying as she has another boyfriend in town. That’s the kind of family I married into.”

Alexer denied the allegations during her own Instagram live session, urging the musician to move on and focus on their children.

She said, “I don’t understand how you would say that I carried another man’s child when I’m still married to you. I have never cheated on you since we married. I never tried it.”

Alexer added, “I’m not your problem. You said I am not good enough. I’m moving on, you too, move on. The only thing I tell you is to take care of your kids. And now you’re dragging me, you’re dragging my parents into this when your own is bad.”