Hilda Baci goes to church after marathon cooking, shares testimony

Hilda Baci

Chef Hilda Bassey, popularly known as Hilda Baci, on Sunday shared a testimony in church of her 100-hour cooking milestone.

Although the Guinness World Records has not ratified her effort, Hilda Baci said she was thankful to God for seeing her through.

The Akwa Ibom native cooked for four days non-stop to break the previous record of 87 hours held by an Indian chef.

Hilda Baci shared a clip of her testimony in church on Twitter.

According to her, no amount of public relations would have been able to pull together the cascade of love she received during her cook-a-thon.

Several celebrities such as Tiwa Savage, IK Ogbonna, and Nancy Isime visited the venue of the marathon cooking to support the cook.

Hilda Baci captioned her post, “I’m thankful for the grace of God that saw me through the 100 hours 40 minutes. Earlier today with my church family #HarvestersLekki.”

In the video, she said, “The grace of God will always be sufficient for me. Because honestly pastor had preached about grace and had said there are different types of grace, grace for money, favour; I prayed for all-round grace when taking up this attempt.

“Because the truth is a lot of people have talked about being able to afford PR but there is no amount of money that can get the love.”