Helen Paul clears air on professorship claim

Actress and comedienne Helen Paul has cleared the air on her professorship claim and appointment as the HOD, department of arts, music and entertainment at the Heart International Bible University, USA.

Helen announced the good news on social media on May 30.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, the school’s Chancellor, Donrnett Mcintosh, could be seen announcing her induction as the head of the department of arts, music and entertainment.

However, a fact check by The Cable opined that “Helen Paul’s claim to professorship, at least in the manner in which it was announced, is misleading. It leaves the public confusing a theology-affiliated programme with the secular academic degrees.”

Clearing the air in an interview with Punch published on Sunday, the comedienne noted how she was elevated to the position.

She said, “First, professorial positions are about what experiences you have had and your PhD as long as you are actively engaged in a university consistently.

“So, it is not really about furthering studies, rather, it is about being promoted due to one’s contributions and pedigree to scholarship and humanity in general.

“In addition, the degree I bagged in the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria being my PhD is the key to my being relevant in a university or academic circle. I have for a while been actively involved with teachings and affiliative partnerships with universities across the globe using entertainment as a tool. Also, many of my performances are case studies for my research works.”

Speaking on her latest achievement, the 44-year-old said, “Sincerely, I feel very humbled and pray to have the energy, tenacity and capacity to fit into the huge tasks ahead.

“I know it comes with very huge responsibilities, expectations, discipline, endless studying and a critical mindset to initiate ideas, analyse and evaluate positions and contribute meaningfully to both the academic community and society at large.

“The field is essential in performance appreciation, ethics and theories with a spice of comedy and its related forms. I thank Nigerians for celebrating their own.”