Hanks Anuku announces presidential ambition hours after debunking rumour of mental illness


Actor Hanks Anuku announced his presidential ambition hours after debunking rumours about being mentally unstable.

The actor made headlines on Monday after a video of himself roaming the streets in tattered clothes went viral.

The footage generated reactions on social media as many speculated that the actor is mentally unstable while others claimed the video was from a movie set.

However, the actor who spoke in a video posted on Instagram on Friday accused people of trying to destroy his image with the video.

Hanks Anuku claimed he has been on set and the pictures and videos were being used to tarnish his reputation.

He wrote: “Tell all these motherf*ckers who write crap about me to stop writing about me and leave me alone. If they wanna act in the movie, they can come to me. I’ve been on set and anyone using those pictures and videos on set to try and destroy my image, may the holy spirit forgive you.”

Hours after debunking the rumour, the 62-year-old posted another video on Instagram, where he called on Nigerians to vote for him as president.

“November 2022, I am alive, strong, safe, blessed, healthy and good. I am going to continue to represent Nigeria. Vote for Hanks Anuku for president,” he said.