Gideon Okeke speaks on new movie role

Gideon Okeke

Nollywood actor Gideon Okeke has announced that he is working on a new movie.

The Tinsel star made this known in an Instagram post on Thursday.

According to Gideon, he had a limited time to accept the role. the actor also stated that the production is taking a chance with him and he hopes to do his best playing the lead character.

“I accepted an action film with 7 days notice on the clock. This is a test of wills of creativity. The production is taking a huge swing with me in the lead role. I’m bellied up to give beyond my best. Wish me the Red-Bull luck You can,” he wrote.

The 35-year-old recently said that movie producers are slave drivers.

Gideon jokingly expressed this in an Instagram post.

“Till another slave driver needs my blood again, yes I said it, producers are slave drivers. Their foot soldiers are the AD, The PM/PC.

“They always yell ‘let’s go’. As though life depends on their 3,2,1 call lol,” he wrote.