Gideon Okeke must be member of a guild to receive residuals – Emeka Rollas

Emeka Rollas AGN President

President of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Emeka Rollas has said that Nollywood actor Gideon Okeke will have to be a member of a guild to receive residuals and royalties.

Gideon in an Instagram post on Tuesday complained about how actors don’t receive residuals and he also said he was going to quit acting.  

In the video he shared, he questioned the stance of the guild.

He said, “The Industry is a beast, why is it not right for the actor to receive royalties ad residuals for his life’s work. Is it because it is in the contract? Is there really a contract always? What Really is the union/guild actually representing?”

Rollas politely replied him saying his expressions are not out of place.

“Every actor that desires to earn royalties or residuals must be a part of a collecting society and must be a member of a guild,” he said.

“It is only the guild or union that can revoke a collective bargaining principle to fight this fight but the guild cannot fight for you when you are not her member.

“My brother Gideon a lot is a lot of restructuring is going on in the Actors Guild now that you cannot afford to be left out more especially with such delicate matter. Instagram post will not help us solve these problems my brother. God bless you”

Gideon also acknowledged Rollas reply and went on to question him further.